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Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 160hp Automatic 4WD

5 video showing him repair what should be a total-loss BMW 7 has garnered nearly 2. His areas of expertise include U. The average number of views per Arthur tussik s YouTube video is 122. Contact the author here. That s not a real bodyman. When I rear-ended that Toyota, repairs on my Yaris wouldn t have been that complicated. Check the latest YouTube statistics and data for Arthur tussik channel and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about its performance.

Check the audience demographics of Arthur tussik Check fake or ghost Arthur tussik followers numbers Get an in-depth analysis of the quality of Arthur tussik audience Evaluate the percentage of target age gender group among Arthur tussik audience. 1K, while the highest number of views is 122. The view count for the last 30 days for Arthur tussik is 78. People are depending on you. Felder puts it this way Every time we re welding on a used quarter assembly or we re clipping a car, or we re trying to pull or straighten something that doesn t need to be straightened, or we re working on panels because we think they re just mild steel, or we re changing the attachment methods because we want to get the car out right, we re just as bad as this guy in Russia. The average views per video on Arthur tussik channel has around 122.

You ll get that reference once you watch a few of Tussik s videos. It s not the ability for you to put the parts back on and make them look pretty. If you re an insurance adjustor, an estimator, a technician, a body shop owner no matter what your role in this industry is please understand that this isn t right, says Kristen Felder, founder of Collision Hub. Make good choices. Finally, Tussik moves to the front right passenger door which also has some internal damage hidden underneath the interior door panel. When all front panels are in place, including the hood, fenders, bumper, and headlights, Tussik installs the upper part of the radiator support frame. That s how sad it is.

Is a frame rail bent. Use this report to compare the performance of a particular influencer with other creators and even other marketing channels. Unfamiliar with the roads, and traffic, my 20-year old self, glanced down at my GPS, trying to figure out how to get to my gig. The main content on Arthur tussik is related to Autos Vehicles. 5K comments. 5 reactions and 6. Others end up getting shipped across the world, and they get a second chance at life in the hands of people like Arthur Tussik.

We d like to hear your voice though - would you be fine owning a wrecked car that was repaired by a skilled mechanic like Tussik. Image Aruthr Tussik YouTube. Now, in a new 16 30-minute video, Tussik details the full restoration of a wrecked Subaru Forester. Look at the before-and-after of this Subaru XV Crosstrek, where the whole roof and most of one side was completely replaced. He writes, researches, and produces off-kilter, less-traveled car content, usually about weird or a bit unloved cars from not so long ago. Youtube Stats Analytics for Arthur tussik. And if you really think that most of this stuff is repairable, you really don t belong in this business.

The repairs Tussik does are very extensive and generally are not cost-effective in many western countries where auto-body labor is expensive. See detailed data on Arthur tussik audience demographics in the full report. In the full report, you can check the Channel Quality Score of Arthur tussik to get a better idea of its overall quality and performance. While it s tempting to dismiss Tussik as the product of a different culture with different customs and business practices, the experts lament that Tussik s video series hits way too close to home. Besides popularity, there are other important factors that affect performance of a particular channel. A quick spray of the replaced engine bay parts and the car is ready to be handed to its owner who will take it to the body paint shop for a complete respray. How many subscribers does Arthur tussik have on YouTube.

Let us know in the comments section below. Tussik s repairs are purely cosmetic, and compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, the experts observe. He takes vehicles that could have been thrown away or parted out, and repairs them to showroom-fresh condition. One-man Russian repairer Arthur Tussik might be an internet sensation, but he s not doing the auto body industry any favors with his homemade videos. That s the kind of work Tussik shows off on his YouTube channel and I m obsessed with his content. Unlock the full report, and get access to comprehensive data and see a detailed views growth graph. Arthur tussik s number of subscribers is 784.

But don t let his popularity fool you into thinking that the video or any of his videos is some kind of guide for performing a proper repair, experts say. When the video started making the rounds on social media, it should have sparked an outcry, Felder says. See stats and data for Arthur tussik s YouTube channel in the full HypeAuditor YouTube report. Josh Cable has 17 years of experience as a writer and editor for newspapers, B2B publications and marketing organizations. If you didn t know any better and you saw this, it s impressive, says Mike Anderson, founder of Collision Advice and creator of the Who Pays for What. Image Aruthr Tussik YouTube. You can pull off a bank heist and get away with it and I can say it s impressive.