Updated: 30.06.2022
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Zomean vélemények

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The reward to litany singers was an extra handful of boiled grams, an extra biscuit, an extra cup of fenni to adults and a little cup of wine to youngsters. tim dogaim aplea hathan manual gheun toiear aslint amchea bharim ladain kantar korunk.

Usually, litany of five bottles was never sung as that required special singers. There were also two young girls - Teja Zefferino.

both are budding stage actresses from Gaumvaddy - who were ready to sing ladain with us with books in their hands. We managed to sing and complete the litany I wished someone gave me a piece of raw ginger to clear my voice.

As per the good old Portuguese saying. Many times, people ask for favors with saints and when their wishes are fulfilled, they celebrate litany as a thanksgiving act.

It is a pity the present generation does not even attempt to participate in litany singing. To itlo occupad asta ki ladaini tache kariavolli pormonnem tharaucheo poddtat.

s invitation was for a simple litany, he surprised the crowd with plentiful snacks, soft drinks, beer, whisky and brandy and a sumptuous buffet. Amontronn melltanch, aum matso chintunk poddlom, karann amche Gaumvaddintle muki gavpi Francis Fernandes, mozo bhavoji, zaka lok machiechea nanvan Frank Rose mhunnon vollkotat.